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We Ignite Growth For B2B &
Service Sector Businesses

Welcome to Antenna. We're a digital agency driven by a sole mission: to help our clients grow. We use impactful and creative digital solutions to achieve improved results for businesses in the B2B and service sector. It doesn't matter if you're looking for more qualified traffic, more clout on social, more relevant leads or simply more revenue, whichever way you need your business to grow, we'll help you make it happen. 


Get in touch and let's talk about how we can help you unlock your growth potential. 




We're a team of digital marketing, content and design specialists, and we create impact for our clients using industry-tested strategies and tactics to ensure your brand message is heard and remembered. Take a look at our core services below to see how we can accelerate your business growth journey. 

Search Engine 


Discover the power of SEO with Antenna. We'll get your site up to scratch from a technical SEO pov. We'll also make sure you're targeting the keywords that will work hard for your business and our team will build healthy links to help your website climbs the rankings naturally. 

Paid Social Media 

and PPC Advertising

Unlock new levels of growth with our precision-targeted PPC & Paid Social advertising campagns. We keep it simple and effective, and tailor our approach to deliver maximum online visibility within your audience pool and drive the best ROI for your budget.

Design & Content Creation

Our Design and Content Creation services go hand-in-hand with our powerful and marketing activites. We write SEO optimised content for your site that will reach new audiences, and we create eye catching creative ad formats that will maximise our advertising campaign performance.


Our simple process in a nutshell. 


Discovery: We dive into your goals, ambitions, and existing activity. We'll define your most important KPIs and set expectations so we can align the right strategy with your vision. 


Strategy: We craft a tailored digital strategy encompassing the right tactics and approach for your industry and your specific business needs. We'll set milestones for tracking progress.


Implementation: We build and launch your campaigns, in line with best practices and our trusted, proven approach. Our experts use data and insights to configure campaigns to maximise performance. 


Review: Our experts conduct performance analysis on the go, and make necessary campaign adjustments based on data and insight. We share reports on the results and identify opportunities to refine the overall strategic approach for sustained growth and success.


At Antenna, we've harnessed the spirit of innovation and visibility from the towering antenna structure that inspired our name.


Just as an antenna stands tall, reaching high into the sky and casting a signal that's received far and wide, our mission is to very same, helping your business rise above the noise to be visible and heard by your target audience. 

We believe that every business has the potential to reach new heights. Let us be your digital growth partner, and guide you to greater visibility, engagement, and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

About Antenna.


Get in Touch

Interested? Get in touch through our contact form or email us at info@antenna.digitalWe're excited to learn all about your business growth journey and how we can help you take it to the next level. 

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